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St. Luke’s Hospital

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Project: St. Luke’s Hospital

Project Name: St. Luke’s Hospital – Anderson Campus Expansion
Location: 2200 St. Luke’s Blvd, Easton, PA
Market: Healthcare / Specialty Pavilion
Application: Building Heat
Mechanical Engineer: Snyder Hoffman Associates
Mechanical Contractor: Worth & Company
Sheet Metal Contractor: Worth & Company

• Three Fulton Vantage Model VTG-5000DF Dual Fuel (Gas/#2 Oil) Condensing Boilers
• Schebler Model EVD Double Wall Exhaust Pipe
• Enervex CASV Boiler Exhaust System with (3) RSV-450 Fans & Controls
• Enervex Model SMDS Over-Draft Dampers
• Enervex MCAS-021 Combustion Air System with SFTA-021 Fan & Controls

Located in Bethlehem Township, this new 75,000 sq/ft Specialty Pavilion expands the breadth of offerings at the St. Luke’s Anderson Campus. This new building includes ambulatory surgery, urology, OB/GYN, gastroenterology, and laboratory services. Designed with convenience in mind, this facility gives patients easy access to a 21st-century hospital with the highest quality healthcare in the Lehigh Valley.

In addition to the new services offered in the Specialty Pavilion, St. Luke’s Anderson Campus features advanced services in the Hospital, Cancer Center, and Medical Office Building. Patients benefit from inpatient care, emergency room services, surgical services, radiology services, and more. At the time of its opening in 2011, the St. Luke’s Anderson Campus was the first new, full-service, acute-care hospital built in Pennsylvania in 40 years.

During the project’s design phase, the mechanical engineer, Snyder-Hoffman, consulted with UEP Northeast, specifically due to its representation of Fulton and their Vantage dual-fuel condensing boiler. The is a unique condensing boiler in that it’s highly efficient and fully condensing when firing on Natural Gas and, at the flip of a switch, can also burn #2 fuel oil. These boilers are proving heat to the building and, being installed in a critical care hospital, they need a backup fuel source for emergency purposes. The Fulton Vantage boiler was designed and optimized for this exact application. In addition, UEP Northeast designed and furnished the exhaust and combustion air systems for the boilers. This includes Schebler Model EVD exhaust pipe, Enervex Chimney Automation System & Over-Draft System as well as an Enervex Combustion Air System. In short, these systems provide adequate combustion air while also maintaining ideal draft so these boilers can operate at peak efficiency.

Crooked Billet Elementary School

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Project: Crooked Billet Elementary School

Project Name: Crooked Billet Elementary School
Location: 101 Meadowbrook Ave, Hatboro, PA
Market: K-12 Education
Application: Building Heat
Mechanical Engineer: Snyder Hoffman Associates
Mechanical Contractor: Allstates

• Two Fulton Endura Plus Model EDR-3000 Condensing Boilers
• Schebler Model EVD Double Wall Exhaust Pipe
• Bell & Gossett Base Mounted Pumps, Series e-1510
• Bell & Gossett Triple Duty Valves & Suction Diffusers
• Wessels Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, Chemical Feeder & Glycol Make-up Unit

The newly constructed Crooked Billet Elementary School is part of the Hatboro-Horsham School District. The original school was built in 1950, and was demolished in the summer of 2018, so that construction on this new school could begin. The name goes back to the Battle of Crooked Billet, a Revolutionary War battle, and was fought on the land where the school stands. This new school will be comprised of all children living within the borough of Hatboro, and will serve approximately 500 students from kindergarten through grade five.

UEP Northeast was contacted in the design phase by the projects mechanical engineer, Snyder-Hoffman. This firm designs many schools and prefers Firetube style condensing boilers, such as the Fulton Endura. This is due to its rugged construction and ability to be piped in a variable primary flow arrangement. This piping layout is simpler from an installation standpoint and more efficient from an operation standpoint. UEP Northeast has supplied hundreds of boilers to elementary, middle and high schools. This is mainly due to our partnership with Fulton and the high-quality boilers they manufacture – low maintenance, highly efficient, and 30+ year longevity – all important features for schools.

Penn Medicine Radnor

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Project: Penn Medicine Radnor

Project Name: Penn Medicine Radnor
Location: 145 King of Prussia Rd, Radnor, PA
Market: Healthcare / Medical Office Building
Application: Building Heat
Mechanical Engineer: Stantec Architecture & Engineering, LLC
Mechanical Contractor: AT Chadwick Co, Inc
Sheet Metal Contractor: Aerdux Inc

• Two Fulton Endura Plus Model EDR-6000 Hydronic Condensing Boilers
• Schebler Model EVD Double Wall Exhaust Pipe

In the Spring of 2020, Penn Medicine opened a state-of-the-art, four story, 250,000 sq/ft multispecialty outpatient facility in Radnor, PA. This new location replaced its facility in the Township which was operated since 1997. The facility will provide comprehensive cancer care, including newly available radiation oncology services and chemotherapy provided by the Abramson Cancer Center, as well as primary care, heart and vascular, orthopedic and neuroscience care. Additional service includes same-day surgery, with six operating rooms and four endoscopy suites, along with full radiology and laboratory services. Patients will also have access to cutting-edge Penn Medicine clinical trials, expanding access to more patients without having to travel into Philadelphia.

Through their relationship with the projects mechanical engineer, Stantec, and Mechanical Contractor, AT Chadwick, UEP Northeast furnished (2) Fulton Endura 6000 MBH high-efficiency condensing boilers. These hydronic boilers will provide building heat as well as snow melt in critical areas of the facility. We also worked with sheet metal contractor, Aerdux, to provide Schebler double wall piping to vent the boilers products of combustion to the atmosphere.

WuXi AppTec

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Project: WuXi AppTec

Project Name: WuXi AppTec
Location: 400 Rouse Blvd, Philadelphia Navy Yard
Market: Life Science/Laboratory/Office Space
Application: Humidification and Building Heat
Mechanical Engineer: Precis Engineering
Construction Manager: IPS (Ph 1), Cyma Builders (Ph 2)
Mechanical Contractor: Herman Goldner
Sheet Metal Contractor: Air Distribution Systems

• Two Fulton (2) VSRT 60HP Steam Boilers, HT-60 Boiler Feedset & F-75 Blowdown
• Schebler Model P2 Double Wall Exhaust Pipe
• Six (6) Endura+ 3.0MM Condensing Boilers (4 current, 2 future)
• Enervex CASI-560 Boiler Exhaust Fan System
• Enervex MCAS-021 Combustion Air System
• Schebler Model EVD Double Wall Exhaust Pipe

WuXi AppTec, Inc is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices. This new 95,000 sq/ft built-to-suite office and laboratory building in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard is for Wuxi AppTec’s Advanced Therapies Business Unit. This is Wuxi’s fourth building in the Navy Yard making them Liberty Property Trust’s largest tenant. This facility will more than double their advanced therapies testing capacity for their cell and gene therapy clients. WuXi’s continued growth in Philadelphia reinforces the cities standing as one of the nation’s most dynamic hubs for the life science and healthcare industries. This building adds to the rapidly growing life sciences community at the Navy Yard and is part of the reason why Philadelphia has been dubbed “Cellicon Valley”.

The projects consulting mechanical engineer, Precis Engineering, turned to UEP Northeast for assistance with their strict temperature and humidity control requirements. The VSRT Steam Boilers were selected as part of the humidity control system because of their industry leading steam quality and efficiency. 15:1 turndown and O2 compensation were just a few of the features that made Endura+ Hydronic boilers an easy choice. UEP Northeast also provided the exhaust systems for the boilers, which included Schebler P-Series double wall exhaust piping and Enervex exhaust and combustion air fans.

The W and Element Hotels

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Project Name: The W & Element Hotel

Location: 1441 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Market: Hotel & Hospitality
Application: Building Heat
Mechanical Engineer: BALA Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: River Mechanical
Sheet Metal Contractor: E.J. DeSeta Company

• Three (3) Fulton Vantage Condensing Boilers
• Schebler Model EVD Double Wall Exhaust Pipe
• (7) Enervex CASI Exhaust Systems for Boilers & Water Heaters
• Schebler Model P4 Generator & Fire Pump Exhaust

This new 51 story tower will house a Starwood Hotel and Resorts dual branded facility which will include a 295-room W Hotel and a 460-room Element hotel. The project also includes retail spaces along Chestnut Street, parking for 171 cars, food and banquet facilities, a 150-seat restaurant and 2900 square foot spa.

UEP Northeast was fortunate to get involved in the design phase via their relationship with BALA Consulting Engineers, the projects mechanical engineer. The HVAC system and the envelope have been developed in tandem to provide a high-performance building. The project will pursue LEED silver certification as one single building. UEP Northeast worked with the project’s mechanical contractor, River Mechanical, and provided Fulton Vantage condensing boilers. This equipment will provide high efficiency heating for the entire building. UEP Northeast also worked with EJ Deseta Company, the projects sheet metal contractor. We furnished Schebler venting and Enervex fans for the boilers and water heaters. These fans will assist in boosting the exhaust gases to the building exterior. In addition, we also provided Schebler exhaust piping for the building’s generators and fire pumps.